This market sector encompasses all types of post-print operations such as cutting, coating/laminating, and any specialised decorative processes.

The finishing process can add extra value to print; taking a simple piece of printed media and adding more interest either through cutting it into a special shape, adding an effect or even movement in the case of POP displays.

While coating or lamination helps to improve the durability of the print, here are a number of finishing effect: embossing is a process in which dies are used to stamp a relief image on printed material; foil stamping - similar to embossing, refers to the process in which a heated dye press is used against a roll of foil which then transfers the foil and subsequently the pattern onto the substrate; die-cutting - uses a specifically created type of dye that contains creasing rules to cut a pattern into the substrate; coating - a variety of coatings can be applied to printed material, for both protection or decoration purposes, such as gloss-coating, varnishes, primers and other types of lacquers.

All of these will be displayed at FESPA Mexico to help you find new ways to add value.

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