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04 dic 2020

Amazing Print Tech Explains Why Web-to-Print is a Must for PSPs in the Wake of COVID

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Amazing Print Tech Explains Why Web-to-Print is a Must for PSPs in the Wake of COVID
Amazing Print Tech, the York-Toronto based leading software provider of all things print, discusses why web-to-print software is so critical for printers during the pandemic.

Economic forces are beginning to reawaken amid the relaxation of quarantine restrictions and the re-opening of businesses. However, the effects of quarantine have taken their toll, leaving businesses across all industries figuring out how to recover revenue. The buyer mindset has also been changed by COVID, and businesses are recognizing that they must adapt their operations accordingly.

Joe Montalbano – Co-CEO – Advertek Printing says, “When you optimize your web-to-print, the rest of your business is going to increase.”

In the print industry, there is a growing need to reduce the costs of operation, a heightened significance to having a digital presence, and an increased value for being able to access information from anywhere in the post-quarantine landscape. For these reasons, many print providers have been evaluating and utilizing Web-to-Print solutions to maximize their efficiency and revenue recovery.

According to Tim Turcotte, Ex-VP Operations, KKP Canada, “Web-to-print is simple, easy to use and efficient.”

Web-to-Print allows printers to provide self-service options for their customers. These solutions can be made available through highly-customizable websites and portals – all without web designers and developers. Clients can place orders online, allowing printers to offer their services 24/7, keeping the revenue stream flowing more often.

Web-to-Print removes the geographical limitations of a traditional shop. The online aspect means that print companies have access to entirely new geographical markets across the globe. It also allows print businesses to reduce operating costs and improve client satisfaction – less employees are required, errors are reduced, and re-prints become less common. As a result, clients are happier, get their products quicker, and print companies increase their profits.

“Web-to-Print is becoming more of a necessity for print providers looking for new ways to generate revenue, simultaneously becoming more efficient, in the wake of the pandemic,” said Slava Apel, CEO of Amazing Print Tech. “It allows customers to purchase remotely, tap into more markets, and keep the business flowing.”