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22 - 24  AGOSTO  2019

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Color-Dec Italy s.r.l.

Color-Dec Italy s.r.l.

Stand: J2

Color-Dec has been a world-wide point of reference for more than 30 years for technology related to the production of emblems, badge and brands.

Each Color-Dec technology, using a combination of our state-of-the- art equipment and raw materials, provides our clients with expanded opportunities in the design and creation of eye.catching durable, industry leading emblems

Color-Dec Italy offers a wide range of technologies for the realization of emblems, such as the famous Ecodome, Texflex ad Doming  system

ECODOMES  is a forefront globally patented and licensed technology in the Badging market, which permits to realize three-dimensional and flexible emblems, badges and labels, of incomparable beauty and elegance through to simple and complex contour shapes. The unique materials and the patented production process granted ECODOMES system to be massively present in the Automotive and Household markets.

TEXFLEX is the new challenge accepted by COLOR-DEC ITALY in the field of the Fashion industry. The patented and licensed system permits the realization and application of emblems, logos and badges of esteemed value and of a really fine detailed resolution with no equal. The possibility of obtaining innumerable finishes and color combinations also gives the system the necessary ductility required by the continuous enquiries of the Fashion market


Floating Graphics licensed technology permits to realize bi-dimensional and three-dimensional emblems and to personalize them with very eye-catching 3D deepness, scrolling and changing effects.


COLOR-DEC ITALY is actually the reference point of the Domes technology, which has grown and been improved by us through a continuous interchange with the expectation of the WorldWide market. We are the quality partner, thanks to our offered turnkey-solutions, and until today, with more than 400 installations worldwide, we remain the first Company in terms of sold equipments.

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Color-Dec North America Inc.
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