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FESPA Mexico 2024


Being a Sponsor at FESPA Mexico 2023

FESPA Mexico provides onsite and digital sponsorship opportunities that can help your brand to be in the top of mind of decision making professionals, before, during and withing the next 6 months after the event:

  • Increase your brand visibility before, during and after the show.

  • Reach your target audience with your branding promotion.

  • Create a brand difference against your competition.

  • Grow the impact of your products and services.

  • Boost your company sales during the event.



Being a sponsor of FESPA Mexico allows you to improve your brand awareness. Driving more attendees to your stand with our sponsorships scope before, during and after the show.

Our visitors are from 25 countries around the world:

Intnl Audience Mx



Website banners

Drive audience to your stand with a homepage banner at FESPA Mexico website where our audience look for relevant information about the show.

Our options include:

  • Homepage banner

  • Interior page banner

  • Exhibitor list banner.

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Arches on Hall B & C: over 11,000 attendees access the show through the arches, also it is the meeting point for our event opening.


Aisles banners: your brand will have great visibility as our aisle banners are a reference for attendees at the exhibition.

By getting this sponsorship you can get up to 15 aisle banners with your logo and stand number.

Breakfast with industry Associations

Breakfast with industry Associations

We work together with the most important industry associations, which you can approach their members directly through this sponsorship, creating a
great alliance of good impact to your business.



Your brand will be on every single attendee which is over 11,000 expected visitors, who will receive this lanyard with your logo printed to carry their

Promotional Bags

Promotional Bags

Take this exclusive opportunity, your logo will appear in our event official bag distributed to all attendees as their pass trough the lobby of Hall B; you
can also include promotional leaftlets, samples and product catalogues exhibited at the show.

Venue parking access bars

Venue parking access bars

All attendees to Centro Citibanamex visiting the event will come by car. All those attendees will see your brand and booth number promoted on this sponsorship. Become one of the brands with the highest positioning during
FESPA Mexico.

Branding on Scalators

Access to the show

Branding on scalatos: 85% of our visitors arrived to the show through venue parking
access. Your brand will welcome this large number of participants in a direct way at the main access to the registration area and main entrance to the show.

Concourse banners: The lobby of Citibanamex Center has great affluence during event days. Visitors come to it to access the show either register to the show. At the same time, works as a lounge area for those looking for something to eat or rest to
go back to hall B.
Your brand will accompany to all visitors during their stay at the venue.

Concourse banners
Branding at Trends & Print Sessions

Branding at Trends & Print Sessions

Your brand will be seeing during our educational programme during the show through a logo on screen banner.

Buses / Shuttle CDMX

Buses / Shuttle CDMX

FESPA Mexico welcomes over 3,000 foreign attendees per event.
Take the opportunity to be the first contact for these regional attendees and invite them to your stand through an exterior banner and promotional leaftlets in their seats.

Floorgraphics on Hall B entrance

Floorgraphics on Hall B entrance

At the entrance of Hall B, our attendees will be attracted by your brand floorgraphics. Promote your participation at the show and give them a funny experience creating a treasure searching, 3D effect and more with this sponsorhip,
you can also increase your stand visits.

Logo on visitor badges

Logo on visitor badges

The access to activities and training programees during the 3 days of FESPA Mexico can be done carrying your badge all the time; you can include
your logo and stand number on the front of the badge, every atendee will have one during the show.

Registration banners online & onsite

90% of our attendees register online, your logo and stand number can be displayed in our advertising banners in our online registration and email confirmation that our audience receive.

During the show we have 13 stations for visitor, media, associations, experts
and VIP´s
on the side module of the main entrance in Hall B.

Logo on main entrance banner Hall B

Logo on main entrance banner Hall B

Above the main entrance to hall B, a high impact area, you will see our welcome
banner to all our attendees.

Your brand will be seeing by every attendee to the show.

Self- stand banner

Self- stand banner

Increase your brand presence placing your logo on the banners located on strategic places around the venue impacting attendees during the 3 days of the event.

VIP cocktail

VIP cocktail

The VIP cocktail is a great networking platform to promote your brand with
a high profile visitor, while you enjoy of our exclusive exhibitors and VIP´s

Be one of our exclusive sponsors!